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Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme

Dress up your Firefox browser with this great Halloween theme!
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26 August 2009

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Halloween is approaching and you must be geared up to pour in the feel of festival all around. When you’re through with your preparations, don’t you think something’s left behind? Well, why not customize and give your Firefox browser a completely new Halloween look and make it reflect the festival mood. How? This can easily be done by installing the all new Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme 1.0 with your Firefox browser. The theme dresses up the Firefox browser for Halloween and also consists of links to several Halloween sites, shows flickering pumpkins, along with up-to-date videos. It comprises of various other eye-catchy effects and items that would fill you with the festival’s excitement, every time you see them. Though the theme changes your search engine, but you can anytime switch back to the desired one.

Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme is easily installable and instantly changes the entire appearance of your Firefox browser. With flickering pumpkins placed over the header, the toolbar of the browser displays Costumes, Ideas, Safety, and Videos options for easy search along with normal browser functions. It also places a sidebar over the left, which consists of the Halloween videos that you can enjoy by simply clicking over the desired one. The deep and vibrant colors of the theme would actually spark the fun involved in the festival. Not just you, but even your kids would enjoy browsing with such an exciting theme applied on the browser. Even with the links provided with the theme would help you in finding good and suitable costumes for you and your kids. Along with this, you’d get different Halloween ideas and get to know some funny tricks with the videos.

Just get ready to spread the Halloween excitement every time you begin surfing the web by installing Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme 1.0 with your Firefox browser. The theme has been placed at 4 rating points for its fantastic visual appearance, vibrant colors, and attractive effects.

Publisher's description

Dress up your Firefox browser with this great Halloween theme! Includes links to great Halloween sites, flickering pumpkins in the theme and up-tp-date videos in the sidebar! These themes are free adn we switch yoru default search engine to ASK and Yahoo! but you can easily switch back to your favorite, if needed.
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Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme
Halloween 2009 Firefox Theme
Version 1.0
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